Evan Hand talking about how the NFL game between the New York Jets and the Kansas City Chiefs was rigged

This creator found a niche in controversial sports posts

This is how most TikTok creators develop their content strategy - come up with an idea, try out a few videos, if it doesn’t work come up with another idea and repeat.

There’s actually something else you should do first. Looking at what TikTok users are actually lacking on the platform.

Take Evan Hand, for example, who discovered a niche in controversial sports topics. Here’s one of his videos that gained 2 million views:


The NFL 100% rigged last night’s Jets vs. Chiefs game to keep Taylor Swift fans watching the NFL this season















♬ original sound - Stay Cashin’

He argues in the video that the NFL rigged a game in favor of the Buffalo Bills. Just because Taylor Swift was in attendance to watch her boyfriend who plays for the team.

Sounds as silly as it gets. But there are people out there who love to talk about sports conspiracy theories. And while most creators steer clear from this content, Evan saw an opportunity.

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