Magri Alberto rolling red dough in order to make lobster tail pastries.

Italian pastry chef gets 20 million views. PER VIDEO.

Magri Alberto should belong in the TikTok Hall Of Fame. The Italian pastry chef produces videos that fetch 20 million views on average. Yes, you read that right. And what does he do in those videos? Just his job.

Let’s look at one of his hits:


Have you ever eaten a cappuccino croissant? ☕️🥐 …









♬ Under The Influence - Sped Up - Ren

The first thing that stands out is the hook. No introduction, straigtht to him shaping up the big piece of dough. It’s unique, and aesthetically pleasing.

The absence of any talking is actually a plus. There are no language barriers, so TikTok can push the content to everyone across the globe who appreciates food.

And you want to watch the entire video because you want to see the end result. You know it’ll look very different from the beginning. You’ve been taken on a baking journey.

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