Nick Smithyman reacting to a TikTok video of someone eating a crab

This creator made a name for himself just reacting to other people's videos

This is another great example of how you can be successful on TikTok without having to come up with highly creative content. All Nick Smithyman does is record himself reacting to other people’s posts.

Here’s one of his videos that got 85 million views:


No way

♬ som original - Pedrin

This was back in 2021. And he’s still scoring hits. Check out his video from March 2024 which generated 3 million views:


@Restoration Magic

♬ original sound - Nick Smithyman 🤨

Nick’s content formula is as simple as it gets. He curates interesting videos, and he leverages them to grab your attention. But he also adds value by dishing out funny takes, which makes his audience feel like they’re watching the video with a friend.

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