Liam Stapleton pretending to be Voldemort from Harry Potter by wearing a bald wig cap and using scotch tape to pull up his nose.

Taking off with hilarious, low-budget Harry Potter impersonations

If you want to become a hit on TikTok, the only thing you should ask yourself is whether your content resonates with a lot of people. You don’t have to be unique, you don’t need fancy editing.

Liam Stapleton is a perfect example - here’s a post of his that fetched 11 million views:


Yer a wizard Harry. 🧙‍♀️


♬ original sound - Liam Stapleton

It’s obviously hilarious. But there’s something equally important that contributed to the virality of his videos - the fact that more than half a billion people know about Harry Potter.

Everything else doesn’t matter. The props? A wand, scotch tape, and a bald wig cap. The setting? A plain, modern flat. As low-budget as it gets.

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