Indian restaurant chef wearing a Barbie outfit and singing for a TikTok video

How bad karaoke brought TikTok fame to a British Indian restaurant

There are 175 Indian restaurants in the city of Bristol, United Kingdom. But there is only one that everyone will know of - Urban Tandoor. And it’s because of their highly-entertaining TikTok videos.

Here’s one simple content idea that’s been incredibly successful for them - having their staff perform karaoke renditions with a twist:


Come on bhaji lets go party 🕺








♬ original sound - Urban Tandoor

Like most of us, these poor souls can’t sing for their lives; but that’s fine because it’s hilarious! It works too - videos in this theme have generated for them 20+ million views on TikTok.

So what are you waiting for? Open up that video camera and give your “very best” Barbie Girl improv 👱‍♀️💄

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