Professional worker watching one of Reesa Teesa's videos that went viral on TikTok at his office desk

Jumping on a trend got this TikToker from 5 thousand to 3 million views

One really easy way to get a lot of views on a TikTok video is by jumping on a viral trend. Take a look at this 3-million-views post from a creator who got on the Reesa Teesa bandwagon:


Havent done any work all day 😩😩




♬ original sound - ReesaTeesa

There are obviously other videos out there on TikTok that have a lot more views. But what’s impressive about this one is how basic it was.

It’s just the creator at his office desk watching one of Reesa Teesa’s videos. He probably spent only a couple of minutes producing it. And he published it on an account that was only averaging 5 thousand views beforehand.

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