John Rusanov promoting the Gauth app that helps with homework and studying

How John Rusanov cleverly weaved a mobile app ad into this post

I covered John Rusanov’s content in one of my earlier blog posts. He does street interviews with Gen Z’s.

I was watching one of his most popular videos and I realised towards the end that it was actually an ad. It blended in so well that I needed to write a post!

The video in question:


How many did you get correct? @gauthofficial






♬ original sound - John Rusanov

Take note that the video predominantly follows the same pattern as his prior ones. It’s only in the closing segments where he introduces the sponsored app. That way, viewers are hooked onto the video, and will now want to watch to its conclusion.

Product selection is key. Gauth’s target audience is the same as John’s - Gen Z’s who are either in school or university.

The transition to the sponsored content is very smooth as well. Why? Because John chose the right topic for this video - math and history quizzes, which is exactly what the app helps with.

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