A guy picking up some Pink Stuff paste with a sponge to clean his bicycle.

Cleaning brand and CleanTok - a match made in heaven

The Pink Stuff is a British cleaning product which has been selling its trademark paste since 2001. Yet it’s only the last few years when the brand has truly taken off, and it has all to do with the emergence of a TikTok trend called CleanTok.

This is a trend where people record themselves cleaning. Sounds boring? Well, have a look at this video from The Pink Stuff that fetched 2.5 million views:




with The Pink Stuff 🌷🧼✨ We love this spring cleaning motivation from @My_home_at_number_9 + @kirsten 😆💖 Don’t forget to use our hashtag


so we don’t miss your Pink Stuff Spring Cleans 🤭🌷








♬ som original - Gabi

Tell me you don’t feel something satisfying when you see the end result. And they have plenty of other videos hitting 1+ million views. This is the ASMR effect; I’ve covered another example here. Funnily enough, that one does the total opposite by causing a mess.

This shows yet again why TikTok is such an amazing marketing channel. The brand’s content is so basic, yet effective. All you need to do is find the right group and you can get in front of millions of people.

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