TikTok gender quiz: you're given an image that only shows the eyes, eyebrows, and part of the forehead and nose.

How a faceless TikTok creator generated 150 million views with simple quizzes

TikTok creator @quiz__pro managed to generate more than 150 million views from their posts. They didn’t have to show their face, nor spend hours producing sophisticated videos. All they do is create simple quizzes that everyone wants to answer.

Here’s one example video that got 42 million views:


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Let’s quickly unpack why these posts are so successful.

Quizzes have high engagement rates by their inherent nature. Viewers will always try answering the questions if they think they can (that’s why the questions are so simple!). And they’ll wait until the end of the video to see whether they got it right.

They’ll feel proud and amazed if their answer was correct:

People commenting in a TikTok post that they got the answer right.

If they get it wrong, they’ll be mad or amused:

People commenting in a TikTok post that they got the answer wrong.

Either way, these posts will cause a strong emotional response, leading to a lot of likes and comments. This ticks all the boxes for the TikTok algorithm.

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